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Concise Healthcare Pioneers Individualized Medication Protocols for Co-occurring Disorders: A Compassionate Approach to Stability, Safety, and Long-term Healing
Concise Healthcare is dedicated to revolutionizing the approach to medication protocols for co-occurring populations in treatment facilities. Our mission is to provide
client-centered care by developing individualized and medication protocols that promote stability and safety for those with substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses.

We adhere to a set of principles that prioritize compassion, empathy, teamwork and
continuously striving to better our processes for the treatment of clients. We understand
the importance of treating presenting symptoms swiftly and aggressively, without relying on a standardized medication protocol that may not accurately address the unique
needs of each individual. We are committed to achieving successful treatment outcomes that yield long-term results, employing efficient systems, fostering abundant communication, and challenging outdated processes in co-occurring care.

Unlike other medical groups, we provide oversight, compliance, and many years of
experience working with clients diagnosed with complex mental health, traumas and
persistent substance use disorders. We approach client care with a strong work ethic,
ensuring that their needs are addressed promptly. Our distinctive approach to
individualized care sets us apart from the rest, as we believe in taking the road less
traveled to promote real stability and healing. While the level of oversight required for
some clients may discourage other medical teams, we rise to the test, supporting not
only our clients but also the treating professionals. Our ultimate goal is to help clients realize their dreams of hope and clarity.